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We are a group of research scientists and engineers who have developed and are now commercializing a diamond like smart coating to control heat and light travelling through a multitude of medias.


Nano-thin Diamond-Like Carbon Smart Solar Control Coatings


Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) based solar control coatings promise a new platform of low-cost optically and thermally smart tunable solar control coatings for buildings, greenhouses, windshields and transparent media.

With a drive towards energy efficient buildings a key research focus in recent years has been the development of smart coatings that modulate energy transfer across windows in order to reduce heating and cooling loads and thus result in energy cost savings. One of the key sources of energy transfer through windows is radiative heat transfer by means of infrared radiation. Recent window designs include transparent optical coatings, known as solar control coatings, which are designed to reflect infrared radiation and reduce heat loss. Traditional coatings however are comprised of high-cost and functionally inflexible materials such as transition metal and rare earth oxides. 3E Nano and researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a low-cost carbon-based platform of highly tunable high-efficiency solar control coatings. The range of tunability allows for the development of unique solar control coatings that can be designed for specific climates and applied in niche applications such as coatings for greenhouses and urban farming.

The nano-thin DLC based coatings are scalable and can be produced using low-cost industry standard plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition processes on large area flexible substrates. Optimized DLC structures have the potential of achieving extremely high visible light transmissivity (VLT) while concurrently providing very high total solar energy rejection (TSER).

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