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3E Nano has developed and is commercializing a low cost, thermally and optically smart, Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating. This nano thin film applied to glass and other transparent media is targeted toward windows, windshields, greenhouses, and solar module manufacturers.


Keep the heating portion (Near Infrared or NIR) of the Sun's rays out and allow the visible portion through.  It creates a window with an invisible coating, you can clearly see through, but repels the heating portion of the sun's energy.


Allow the heating portion (Near Infrared or NIR) of the Sun's rays and the visible light in but dont allow the Mid Infrared (MIR-heat) out.  A window with an invisible coating, that you can clearly see through, that allows the Sun to heat the interior but does not allow the heat out.

De-Fogging / De-Icing

By applying a bias voltage, say 12 volts, to our invisible coating, the window is uniformally heated, eliminating fog and melting ice producing a window you can clearly see through with no obstructions.  

Filtering and Diffusing

The coating also has the ability to filter the light like a blind or curtian and the ability to diffuse or scatter the light for a softer look or to enhance the growing of plants and flowers in the mid summer.

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